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When should I contact my insurance company?

It is important that you contact your insurance company as soon as possible should your horse’s health status change. You may not feel it is necessary to make a claim initially, however, if the condition deteriorates or complications occur, you may be able make a claim later on. Some insurance companies have a set time frame to which a claim can be made, if a claim is submitted beyond the cut-off point the insurance company may refuse to accept the claim.
Prior to any surgical treatments or further investigations being performed, you must get approval from your insurance company. If you do not gain consent you may be liable for the total cost of treatment.

How can I make a claim?

Once you have made the decision to make a claim, you will need to request a claim form. You should have already notified your insurance company that your horses health status has changed. At this point please check whether there are any exclusions on your insurance policy; details on insurance exclusions can be found in the information below. Depending on the insurance provider they will either email/post you a claim form or email us a claim form direct. The claim form will be split into two sections consisting of a part that, you, the policyholder, will need to complete and a part that the attending vet will need to complete. The claim form will need to be filled out in full and to the best of your knowledge.

Once you have completed your part of the claim form, you will need to email or post this to the clinic at your earliest convenience. Before we can process your claim, you will need to settle your policy excess direct with the clinic. This amount can vary and will depend on the individual insurance company. Details on this can be found in your policy documentation or by telephoning your provider direct.

The attending veterinary surgeon will fill out their section on receipt of this claim form. On full completion of this form we will then proceed to process the claim and send all the relevant documentation to your insurance company on your behalf. Relevant documentation will include copies of all invoices associated with the claim along with your horse or ponies full clinical history and in some cases, a copy of the passport and pre purchase examination.  You will be sent copies of all invoices that we have forwarded to your insurance company. Please keep hold of these for your records.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you contact your insurance company to confirm they are in receipt of all documentation needed to process the claim and regularly thereafter to make certain that payment is being processed. Failure to do so may result in the whole debt being payable by yourself. Should your insurance company require any further information directly from us, please contact the office who will be able to assist with the enquiry.

What is an exclusion?

An exclusion is a policy provision that eliminates coverage for a certain illness/injury. People often worry that by making a claim for a particular problem will lead to an exclusion being put on their policy (meaning you will be unable to claim for this issue in the future). Whilst this will be the case for most, by not claiming, it can inevitably lead to the same result. For example-  If the same illness/injury was then to arise again in the future, when the claim is processed and the clinical history is sent to the provider, they will see the horse has previously suffered with the condition. This could result in the claim being declined, should the insurers feel that the present claim may be related in any way to a previous problem. We therefore recommend you claim on your policy whenever you are likely to incur ongoing costs and/or the veterinary fees are greater than your policy excess.

Certain exclusions may be reviewed and lifted following twelve months clear of any symptoms related to the exclusion. We recommend to contact your insurance company to see whether the exclusions can be reviewed after the required time frame. If they have agreed to review this exemption, then we would need to examine your horse or pony in order to provide the insurers with a written report.

What happens once my claim has been set up?

Once the claim has been set up and accepted, we are then able to send any future invoices related to the claim direct to your insurance company. Some providers will require a completed continuation form to be sent along with the latest invoices, this can be discussed at the time of initially setting up the claim.

Please note:  As of 08/01/2018 Blaircourt will no longer be accepting direct payments from E&L and “Horse Insurance”. This is due to the prolonged settlement of claims.
Any clients insured with the above companies are expected to settle the outstanding as per our normal T&Cs. We will of course still assist you with processing your claim.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.